Easter Bunny 10K

Easter Bunny ego tripping

The 10K is  probably my favourite racing distance: less eyeballs-out frantic than a 5K, and still done and dusted in the time it takes my other half to queue up for a coffee and a second breakfast. But those 6-and-a-bit miles can bite you if you don’t treat them with respect. My training’s been pretty […]

From monotonous miles to ultramarathons: the changing face of women’s running

(Photo credit: Ais North) In the year that Jasmin Paris became the first female winner of the 268-mile Montane Spine Race, smashing the course record while expressing milk for her baby daughter, it’s hard to imagine a time when women were restricted to racing the mile. Alison (Ais) North came to my Taunton workshop in […]

Returning to running

Returning to running

  Five weeks into my return to running, and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. Of course, it helps that the sun’s shining and the world’s covered in buttercups and dandelions. A perfect time of year to be outside. But let’s be honest. It’s not easy to start again from scratch. On the plus side, […]

Starting over

Starting over

Can you still call yourself a runner when you haven’t run for nearly half a year? Things looked a little bleak in January when my retina came loose yet again, but third eye op and third time lucky. Everything finally stayed where it was supposed to, and I adjusted to life being a little fuzzy […]



When I first started writing this post, it was all set to be a bit of a moan that I had to take a month off running, and a look forward to being able to get back to training. Then events took a different turn. Funny how I pay attention to my health but never […]

running at 50

Running at 50 – and having a blast

In 2016, I hit 50. In 2017, I celebrated a quarter century of being a runner. Two pretty major milestones: running’s been a Significant Other in my life for longer than I’ve been a parent, a wife, a non-runner (almost). Yet between those two events, the shift that’s happened in my thinking and my training’s […]

Pushy parkrun parents

On parkruns and pushy parents

Saturday morning and the perfect way to start the weekend: with a family parkrun. My 14-year old got into running last year after joining me in my sprained ankle rehab training, and he’s been bitten by the parkrun bug. Plus the sprint finishes that leave his dad in the dust don’t hurt either. It’s fantastic […]

Taunton half marathon

Don’t fear the Reaper

Races tend to bring out the worst in me and my running. Blame it on lack of confidence. Blame it on a fear of looking stupid. Or just blame it on my uber-competitive streak. Yes, I’ve been known to put on a burst of speed just to stay ahead of the school kids doing cross-country […]

Babcary Road Race

Zen racing: Babcary Road Road

A small confession: I’ve had a bit of a problem with racing since I started Chi Running nearly 7 years ago. I can run as chilled as you like in training, but stick a number on my shirt with a bunch of safety pins and suddenly I’m wound up as tight as a piano wire. […]

Chard Flyer

Chard Flyer: new year, new 10K and a bit of a head mess

Funny how you can get out of the habit of racing. It wasn’t a deliberate choice, but aside from parkruns, I haven’t taken part in an event since the Blackdown Beast in early 2015. I was starting to miss the excitement and community of racing. So 2017 will be a year for more races, and […]