Should we ditch the Fitbit?

  If you’ve read my blog before, advance warning: this is a different post from my usual ramblings on the highs and lows of running. And it may get a bit ranty. Sorry. It was inspired by this recent article in the Washington Post by Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Those with good memories may recognise Dr. Malhotra’s […]

Living to run another day

A tough decision: the sequel. Why do we find it so hard to walk away from a race, even when we know it’s the right decision? On Saturday afternoon, my mind was made up. I wouldn’t run. I hadn’t given my ankles a proper chance to heal since turning them over. Running wouldn’t help them […]

A tough decision

It’s April. The evening’s are light again. Blossom’s bursting out everywhere. And so is spring marathon fever. Still a couple of weeks to go until London. This weekend it’s the turn of Brighton. And Paris. And….Taunton. My twitter feed’s full of fear and anticipation, in equal measure. Taper craziness is in the air. And me? […]

Never let go

In the push to run that marathon, get that next PB, go just that little bit further and faster, Sometimes Running can become a chore, a duty, a punishment. Never let go of the Joy of just moving

Last long marathon run

Marathon training weirdness

Yesterday was my last long training run before the Taunton marathon. Twenty miles round a not-particularly-inspiring circular road route, keeping within a few miles of home. Marathon training’s always a little odd. Each week, you push yourself to the limits of your endurance and just a little beyond. Each time, you think there’s no way […]

Taking the sprain

Sometimes you need to take a step back with training. For anyone who followed my mini-adventure on the West Deane Way ultra last year, you’ll know that I turned my ankle over a few weeks before the event. It caused me some bother on the day, although we made it round and there didn’t seem […]

An end and a beginning

It’s the season of retrospection. When the days of the old year can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And the year just starting is still shiny, new and boxfresh. A time to look back and look forwards. Looking back 2014 for me was full of ups, with just a few downs. I […]

running is my meditation

Running is my meditation

As I step out the door, I leave the baggage of the day behind The PowerPoints and conference calls, emails and to-do lists It’s just me and the ground beneath my feet Tarmac, footpath, forest trail, mud Dodging puddles and tree roots. Winter sunlight weaving through the russet leaves and bare branches overhead Across ploughed […]

After the ultra that wasn’t

The good, the bad and the what-was-I-thinking? It’s been just over a month since our first attempt at going over the magic 26.2 miles. My trashed trail shoes have been consigned to the dustbin and my medal long ago eaten, so now seems like a good time to take stock. Would I do it again, […]

West Deane Way ultra

The Ultra that wasn’t – part 2

2014 was meant to be all about going ultra. My friends Val, Paul and I had trained all summer. We’d learned how to run through mud without losing a shoe. How to run in the dark, while stargazing. How to navigate like a ninja. Or at least, how to get a little less lost a […]