Getting unstuck

Getting unstuck

Injury. The word that strikes cold dread into the heart of every runner. And then there’s the injury that just won’t go away. When you get stuck, and whatever you do, you can’t seem to get unstuck. It was the most ridiculous of accidents. The weekend before Christmas, with a million things to get done […]

Lakeland 50 view

Just a lovely day out in the Lakes…

Ever wondered what it’s like to run 50 miles? Ever wondered if you could? I’ll admit it, it’s a bit of a daydream of mine. So when Paul Waldron got in touch after the London Marathon, asking for a Chi Running refresher to help him prepare for his next challenge, the Montane Lakeland 50, I […]

Favourite trails: Staple Fitzpaine Herepath

This is the first in an occasional series of posts about my favourite running trails. The Staple Fitzpaine Herepath is a roughly 13 mile circular route in the Blackdown Hills just outside Taunton. The Herepath takes you through a constantly changing landscape of forest paths, grassy fields, stone tracks, and quiet country lanes, with plenty of spectacular views along the […]

Chi on the Dorset trails

A sunny Friday afternoon. And instead of gearing up for my usual evening of pizza and wine in front of the telly, I found myself driving through pretty country lanes and villages, heading to a weekend of trail running with Well Trodden Path. With me was Anna, who’d travelled down from London for the holiday. […]

6 things I wish I’d known as a beginner runner

Just in case you missed it, last weekend was the London Marathon. It’s an event that’s had a special place in my heart for a long time. Even though I haven’t taken part since 2001, it’s what first inspired me to get into running. And every year, I still get a little pang that I’m […]

Three habits for better running (and health) in 2016

I’m not one for the whole Resolutions thing. While the idea of flicking a switch on 1st January and creating a new and improved me may be appealing, I’ve done that and failed too many times to believe in big goals and instant changes. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from more than […]

London Marathon – Chi Running style

Running London can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s your first attempt at 26.2 miles. Here’s Lynsey Williams’ inspiring story of her journey to a Chi marathon…  Running club members encourage each other to enter the London Marathon ballot on the off chance they might be lucky enough to get a place. This was the start of […]

Should we ditch the Fitbit?

  If you’ve read my blog before, advance warning: this is a different post from my usual ramblings on the highs and lows of running. And it may get a bit ranty. Sorry. It was inspired by this recent article in the Washington Post by Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Those with good memories may recognise Dr. Malhotra’s […]

Living to run another day

A tough decision: the sequel. Why do we find it so hard to walk away from a race, even when we know it’s the right decision? On Saturday afternoon, my mind was made up. I wouldn’t run. I hadn’t given my ankles a proper chance to heal since turning them over. Running wouldn’t help them […]

A tough decision

It’s April. The evening’s are light again. Blossom’s bursting out everywhere. And so is spring marathon fever. Still a couple of weeks to go until London. This weekend it’s the turn of Brighton. And Paris. And….Taunton. My twitter feed’s full of fear and anticipation, in equal measure. Taper craziness is in the air. And me? […]