Running with mindfulness

I’ve always been a sociable runner. I began running with a friend, joined a running club within six months, and would do whatever I could to avoid running on my own. Solo runs felt harder, hurt more, seemed to last twice as long. If I had to go it alone, I’d distract myself with a […]

How to stop the day job wrecking your running

What’s the biggest obstacle to my running? It’s not finding the time to run. It’s not motivation, although that can be a challenge sometimes. It’s not even my loathing for lycra or anything ‘figure hugging’. It’s the hours I spend hunched over a laptop in my office every day. Up against a deadline, losing track […]

The power of gradual progress

‘No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: you can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant’ – Warren Buffett ChiRunning’s taught me a great deal, about my running and myself. But the biggest lesson is the power of gradual progress: learning slowly day by day, baby […]

ChiRunning Forever!

Or how I learned to run effortlessly and injury free (well…almost) June 2010, less than three weeks to go before a 5K race and it happened again. Chronic Achilles tendonosis that left me hobbling round the house in pain. And this after countless bouts of expensive physio and cutting my running right back to just […]