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Chi Marathon book

Chi Marathon by Danny Dreyer – £12

Train smarter, not harder with Chi Marathon.

Traditional training strategy is to run, run and run some more to build mileage. Completing the distance is a great goal, but Chi Marathon will help you do so much more. Finish strong, set a personal record, minimize recovery time, and do it all with a smile.


Chi Running book

Chi Running by Danny Dreyer – £12

Whatever your age running is easier with good technique. Running never felt this good! Learn how and why Chi Running works.

Written by bestselling author, ultramarathoner, and Chi Running creator, Danny Dreyer.



Seiko digital metronome – £15

Taking the optimal number of strides each minute during your runs or walks is the key to less fatigue, faster pace, and fewer injuries. Keeping a quick, consistent cadence with the metronome allows all the elements of the Chi techniques to fall into place, helping you move in a smooth, unified way.