Chi Running

boardwalk in forest

Think running’s not for you? Think again…

Want to learn to run but not sure where to start?

Fed up of injuries constantly putting the brakes on your training programme?

Want to put the fun back in your running?

Welcome to Chi Running!

Our bodies are designed to run. It’s not running that does the damage.

It’s how we run.

Chi Running combines the principles of T’ai Chi with the sport of running to create a technique that shifts the workload toward your core muscles, allowing your leg muscles to work less. The result is increased efficiency and a significant reduction in injuries.

Chi Running teaches you to align your posture, while keeping shoulders, arms and legs relaxed, minimising wasted energy from unnecessary movement and tension, and avoiding potential injury from overuse.

In conventional upright running, your legs have to do the work to push your forward. When your legs stop pushing, you stop moving.

With Chi Running, instead of holding your posture upright, you allow your body to subtly fall forward into the pull of gravity. When you learn to balance yourself in this slight forward lean, you run more efficiently and your leg muscles can work less because they are no longer needed for pushing.

Interested in finding out more? Look out for my regular free taster sessions in Taunton and Bristol.

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