“Sometimes we underestimate ourselves”: competitive after 50

Katie Holmes photo credit: Athletic.Photography For international women’s day in 2019, I wrote about Ais North, a runner who discovered ultrarunning in her 60s. This year, I wanted to profile three more women runners who are challenging perceptions of ageing. Katie is the woman behind the RunYoung50 blog, and is blazing a trail for older […]

Better breathing while running

A question that comes up a lot at workshops is how to breathe better while running. Breathing’s influenced by a lot of different factors, from how stressed you are, through how easily your ribcage and upper back move, to whether you’re pushing the speed faster than your body’s ready for. In ChiRunning, we recommend breathing […]

A tale of two 10Ks

2019 for me was the year of the 10K, so it seemed appropriate to bookend the finish of the year and start of a new decade with two 6-and-a-bit mile races. First up, the Wellington Monument race, which takes place on the last Sunday before Christmas. What can I say about the Welly Monument 10K? […]

5 ways to make your running feel easier in 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve run long. Busted ankles and escaping retinas put a bit of a spanner in my training over the last few years. Plus preparing for a marathon has a tendency to take over your life, and I’ve felt a reluctance to make that commitment. But my three day running adventure […]

Competitive mum

My teenage son Joel properly caught the running bug a couple of years ago. Until then, he’d dabbled with jogging and the odd parkrun. He enjoyed the sense of achievement, and showed an unnatural ability to pace himself even at a young age, but running itself never really stuck. After busting my ankle in 2016, […]

You know nothing, Garmin

You know nothing, Garmin

We go back a long, long way, Garmin. I still remember the thrill of running with a house brick strapped to my wrist, that could tell me not only how many minutes I’d run, but exactly how far and how fast – amazing! And OK, sometimes you had a bit of a meltdown and forgot […]

Learning to dance with the trails

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a timid trail runner. There’s so much to love about being on the trails: the sense of space; the ever-changing scenery and running surface; the fact that it’s acceptable – nay, expected – to stop, eat cake, and enjoy the view. Such a difference from the monotony […]

A marathon challenge: the Brathay 10in10

Many of us would find the thought of running a single marathon a daunting challenge. How about running the same marathon 10 times over, in 10 days? When the Brathay 10in10 first started in 2007, Matt Whitehead was still at school. His first reaction to the event was, why on earth would anyone want to […]

Will core training help my running?

  The core is probably the topic that comes up most often at my workshops. “Will a stronger core make me a better runner?” “Will a stronger core help with my dodgy knee/sore hip/lower back pain…?” “What type of core exercises should I do?” They’re big questions. And they deserve more than a 30 second […]

Finding May Day mojo at the Glastonbury 10K

Another weekend, another 10K. Jumping back into racing after an 18-month break, with two events in less than two weeks, definitely wasn’t the plan. But my 16-year old son was keen to try a 10K and the race I’d been aiming for, in Wells at the end of May, was already full. So we shifted […]