Running is my meditation

As I step out the door, I leave the baggage of the day behind

The PowerPoints and conference calls, emails and to-do lists

It’s just me and the ground beneath my feet

Tarmac, footpath, forest trail, mud

Dodging puddles and tree roots. Winter sunlight weaving through the russet leaves and bare branches overhead

Across ploughed fields, picking my way carefully between ankle-turning ruts

Spotting a buzzard high in the sky. Rabbits and other small furry creatures darting into the hedgerows as I approach

The only soundtrack the trilling of the birds, the snap of twigs underfoot and the rhythmic out and in of my breathing

Breathing out the petty frustrations and irritations

Breathing in peace, energy, inspiration

Feeling my monkey mind settle

Because running is my meditation


  1. This is how I’ve always felt about running, and non runners think I’m bonkers! Am currently unable to run, due to ill health, but hope to work my way back into it gently. I may well consider the March workshop that you have advertised. [Apologies if the bold tags don’t work correctly!]

    • I get the same reaction from my other half, Jo – he’s a runner, but a reluctant one! Hope you’re back to good health soon. Would be lovely to see you at the March workshop if you can make it. And the bold tags worked perfectly 🙂

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