Starting over

Starting over

Can you still call yourself a runner when you haven’t run for nearly half a year?

Things looked a little bleak in January when my retina came loose yet again, but third eye op and third time lucky. Everything finally stayed where it was supposed to, and I adjusted to life being a little fuzzy and distorted. 

The bad news? An eyeball full of oil meant a further three months with no running, no jumping, no anything that could be described as ‘high impact’. 

Through highs and lows, running’s been a constant in my life since my twenties. It’s my meditation, my playtime, my community. I was bereft.

In my dreams, I’d run. It always felt smooth and oh so easy. Then I’d remember that I wasn’t allowed to do this now, and wake up in a panic.

January to April dragged their feet. I had big plans for epic adventure walks but after a soggy winter my favourite routes were mudfests and it was hard to muster the enthusiasm.

Then finally, after five months and surgery number four, the oil is out, and I’ve got the thumbs up to return to normal life. Running included.

So I’m starting over as a beginner.

My body’s had nothing more strenuous to deal with than the odd bit of hill walking since November, and it feels rusty and uncoordinated.

Every milestone feels like a scary challenge. Run for a whole five minutes without stopping? Can I still do that? But with each step forward, a little more confidence returns.

And what a treat it is to be running again.

In the words of the great Amby Burfoot:

“Every run is a new adventure, and every mile is a gift.”

PS. A big heartfelt thank you to the fantastic staff at Musgrove Park Hospital, for looking after me so well throughout 🙂


    • Thanks Jamie! Attempted my first parkrun (well, technically more of a parkrun/walk) at Long Eaton last weekend and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to getting back to Longrun before too long

  1. Well done for enduring. Enjoy the sunshine and wildlife. I am back to running after three pitiful weeks off: happily thanks to you I have memories of Sark to remind me of the good days!

    • Thanks Robyn. Sorry to hear you’ve had to take a break, but glad that you’re back to running again. Isn’t Sark wonderful? Looking forward to running there again very soon

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I’ve just found your post as I am returning to running after a ‘fallow’ period and am blogging too. It’s been good to be back, as well as test of patience to build up slowly. 12 weeks in and I am beginning to feel my running legs awakening again. Good luck with coming back to it too.
    Nikki x

    • Thanks Nikki! Nice to hear from a fellow returner and glad that you’re finding the fun in running again. Really enjoyed reading your post. Is that a Sandhurst Joggers t-shirt I see? Used to be my old club before we moved to Somerset 🙂

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